Fortnite Fans Want To See Call of Duty’s Calling Cards Added To The Game

Fortnite Fans Want To See Call of Duty’s Calling Cards Added To The Game

Fortnite Fans Want To See Call of Duty’s Calling Cards Added To The Game

Fortnite is the most popular battle royale and doesn’t need to expand on what it has. However, Fortnite players can still take inspiration from other battle royales to try and convince Epic Games to change its mind. Consider, for instance, a recent suggestion to improve Fortnite. One Fortnite player created a concept video that shows how “Calling Cards” could look in Fortnite. It is truly amazing.

Calling Cards is the name of the feature that’s in Call of Duty. However, they are also known as nameplates. You’ll also see them in Destiny 2 and Fall Guys. They are customized banners that appear in menus. These banners can be purchased/acquired as cosmetics or earned through in-game achievements. Despite nameplates being common in many live service titles, Fortnite doesn’t seem to use them.

ZRKGlitcher created the nameplate concept video and shared it on Reddit. This is a visual demonstration of how nameplates can add a new layer to Fortnite. The banner features the player’s name and a title or achievement below. This is then overlaid on top with a custom background. The avatar of the player’s choosing is located to the right of their nameplate. It can be either their character or another avatar. The player’s level is displayed on the left with an emblem that represents their progress. Each nameplate is unique and represents the player.

ZRKGlitcher, the creator of the concept video, explains why they made it. They like the idea of adding more personalization and “challenges” to each season. They also mention that they have many ideas for nameplates and hint that they may make more Fortnite art. Their video is a great introduction to the feature.

The nameplates are a great idea for Fortnite. They are a great way for players to interact with each other in multiple games, and they enjoy the added personality and uniqueness it gives them. However, it can be distracting and takes attention away from Fortnite’s main priority, which is skins. Epic wants players to identify themselves by their Fortnite skins and encourage them to purchase more. However, it’s possible to do anything.

ZRKGlitcher’s concept clip is a powerful message from the community that nameplates could be added to Fortnite. Epic listens to player feedback, so maybe the development team will feel just as inspired by ZRKGlitcher and start working towards adding nameplates sooner than later.


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