Tales of Arise: All Mining Points in Iglia Wastes & Fagan Ruins

Tales of Arise: All Mining Points in Iglia Wastes & Fagan Ruins

Shionne is an interesting party member in Tales of Arise. She asks players to help her find a better outfit for her deserted surroundings. Although it may seem unnecessary, Alphen points out that it’s not all bad. It leads players to Iglia Wastes, which has a lot of useful items to aid them as the game moves into its second act. It is worth visiting the Iglia Wastes to find easy-to-find ores from Mining Points. These ores can be used to craft weapons for characters such as Shionne . The Fagran Ruins will add a few more.

Mining points are used to obtain ores and stones that can be used to craft and upgrade accessories. This is the main equipment in Tales of Arise. The Tales series also has other ways to make this entry. Mining Points can be random. This means that it is important to revisit areas where there are many of them in order to increase your chances of finding something useful.

The Mining Points of the Iglia Wastes

Players should walk along the main path of Wastes until they come to a house on their right and a tree below it with ingredients Tales of Arise’s Recipes on its left. A hidden path will be visible if they turn left at the tree. The Armadillo waits to greet the player. However, a Mining Point lies just beyond it.

A rock that appears to be a Golem enemy but isn’t should be closer to the Ruins Tales of Zestiria should be explored. Fans should look to the west for wolf zeugles and the next Mining Point.

A fishing spot should be located between the Ruins’ pillars. Players should turn their cameras around and see a side-path behind them if they are standing on the end. Fans should walk up to the side path to find another way to hide just to their left.

Fagan Ruins Mining Points

Fans will be able to use the entire game to find the ores and can then move on to the Renan Ruins in order to get Shionne the clothes that she wants for more ore. Players who wish to grab some bonuses and quick access to the Wastes should make use of the three ruins.

The Ruins can be tricky to navigate due to its small space. However, the first Mining Point is fairly simple. Once players have entered the storage block, they should head up the right path. The ore will be theirs once they defeat or dodge the enemy armadillos.

The second reward is great for solving the storage block. When gamers reach the third level, they will see a corridor blocked by debris and a Mining Point at the beginning. If players continue to play, they will find the open space that allows them to fall into the wreckage below. This area not only contains another Mining Point but also some treasure that can be theirs.

Tales of Arise offers all kinds of goodies to curious players if they know how to find them. As the fans travel to Cydlodia from Calaglia, navigation becomes more difficult and rewards are harder to find. This just makes the treasures even more delicious.

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