Valheim: The Best Base Building Options Added In The Hearth & Home Update

Valheim: The Best Base Building Options Added In The Hearth & Home Update

Valheim: The Best Base Building Options Added In The Hearth & Home Update

New crafting recipes are available with Valheim’s Hearth and Home updates. New foods, potions, crafting stations, and even building pieces for houses are all available. Players will need to ensure they have all the necessary ingredients to create their Valheim masterpiece.

Darkwood is a combination of fine and regular woods and the latest Valheim crafting material, tar. It has a darker appearance than regular wood. This new material allows players to create many new pieces, giving them more freedom to expand their bases or make stunning creations in the game. These are the best pieces:

Double doors: 16 Wood, 4 Iron, and 2 Tar per door.
Corner (2 wood, 1 oil) and Window (2 fine wood,1 tar) decorative pieces with Celtic style knots
The Raven head and the Wolf head (10 Fine Wood, 1 Tar each)

If players have already started their worlds for the update, getting the upgrades will take some time. Tar is only available in the Plains and is very dangerous for anyone with the best food, weapons, or armor.
Crystal Walls in Valheim

In Valheim, players had to kill a stone golem to get rid of the crystals they had dropped. Now players can make glass-style windows with them. These glasses have a subtle purple tint and slight wobble, which gives them a unique look in any home. These walls can be made from 2 crystals in 1×1 pieces.
Iron Gates and Cages

Vilhelm finally has the iron parts needed to make a functional dungeon. This gives players that castle-like feel when they build their next stone building. You can use the iron parts to make cages, store loot, or for decoration. It will be wonderful to finally have somewhere to keep that one friend who keeps dying.

Cage Floor – 1×1- 1 Iron
Cage Floor – 2×2 or 2 Iron
Cage Wall – 1×1- 1 Iron
Cage Wall – 2×2

A Valheim Viking Hot Tub

Why would anyone want to have a hot tub for their Valheim Vikings? After a hard day of fighting grey dwarves and other grueling tasks, players will want a place to relax. Players couldn’t bathe in violence-filled afterlives before this. This hot tub is a great upgrade for anyone who enjoys relaxing and watching the sunset from the comfort of their own hot tub. Twenty wood, six tar, and eight stone are the ingredients for a hot tub. Ten smelted iron bars are also used.

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