Destiny 2: Savathun’s Hive Shouldn’t Be Redeemed

Destiny 2: Savathun's Hive Shouldn’t Be Redeemed

Destiny 2: Savathun’s Hive Shouldn’t Be Redeemed

The threads of Destiny2‘s story have been pulled by players who realized that Bungie had been building to Savathun since. The Hive’s Witch Queen is an important part of their lore. She serves as one of three ascendant gods. Season of the Lost has made Savathun a key part of Season of the Lost. This is in preparation for the Witch Queen expansion, which will take place in 2022. Players must remember who she really is, even though she has made her story seem tragic.

Savathun, her subset of Hive, are not antiheroes nor tragic characters. They should not be considered allies or beings that can be saved in the future. The Witch Queen is known for her manipulation and deceit abilities, which she uses against both friend and foe. She will become a greater threat the closer she gets to her Worm god.


While Savathun may be trying to escape the Hive Lord of War and her dark masters, Guardians are largely to blame for many of their problems. Savan is a huge source of lore Destiny 2, but she also has a major role in the Dreaming City’s predicament. Riven would have been unlikely to trap the Awoken dimension in a time loop without Savathun.

Savan, who watched as UldrenSov was lead astray, resulting in the death of Cayde-6 and acting as the new master of the aforementioned Riven following Oryx’s passing, added to this. The immensely powerful Ahamkara was scared by her ferocity and demeanor. She hoped she would continue playing her games. The Hive Goddess doesn’t appear to have much to offer, despite being so concerned about Savathun’s true motives.

Shadowkeep and Savathun’s Quest for Power

Savathun was also meticulous and ruthless in her methods to get the Vanguard back on track to the Moon and the Hidden Swarm in Shadowkeep. She worked tirelessly to eradicate the bloodlines of her brother and keep everyone away. Even though the Cabal has shown honor in recent seasons and the Eliksni became allies, Savathun continued to find ways to gain power through Hive. This culminated with the perversions that are the Hive Guardians.

Guardians are unable to comprehend the threat she poses with her dual powers of Light and Dark. While the Hive Gods are an interesting group, Savathun has proven to be a formidable enemy. Giving the Witch Queen the benefit of the doubt could have serious consequences.

She has been a questionable character at best and nefarious at the worst in Season of the Lost. She expects the player to help her, but she also shares the responsibility for the Taken’s spread across the Ascendant Plane. Mara Sov might need to remove Savathun’s Worm, but this could lead to the Witch King wreaking more havoc on our system.

Beyond Light

Destiny 2’s present problems are not the only reason why Savathun should be redeemed. She is a master at tricking both major characters and players. Even her most recent actions prove that Savathun does not trust anyone.

Even though she has been able to enlist the help of the Mara SOV and the Guardians, Savathun still holds Osiris captive. After several seasons of impersonating Crow and acting as Crow’s mentor, this is what she did. Fans suspected that something was wrong, but Season of the Splicer brought it ahead. This is an example of why she remains untrustworthy.

Savathun insists she will return Osiris but only if she gets what she wants. She has thus once more gotten herself into a position where her negative actions can’t be seen. As the season continues, the Warlock’s future looks uncertain. Osiris fans should be ready for the worst, with Savathun being promoted as the main villain of the Witch Queen extension.

Osiris may be dead or not the only one trapped by the Witch Queen. It is possible Savathun could have taken other Guardians. There is no reason to believe that she couldn’t capture or corrupt other Guardians if she could get her hands on someone as strong and resilient as Osiris.

Season of the Lost

Savathun may have a sad story to tell, but it doesn’t mean that she’s a victim of Destiny. Although she might be looking for refuge from Xivu Arath, the Darkness, and her own ambitions, it is clear that her true intentions are to keep her reign. She enjoys the power she holds and thrives on the chaos that it causes. Savathun puts herself in a vulnerable situation while her enemies try to figure out her next move. This is likely just part of a larger plan.

Although the Witch Queen, the Hive, and Darkness, may wish to be free from the Darkness’ restrictions and pay tribute to their Worm gods as well as the Darkness, it is clear that they will not become allies in The Witch Queen expansion. They may view the Light as a tool. Savathun is not interested in serving the Traveler and the Pyramids. She wants to take over both the Traveler and the Pyramids. She is para casal, just like the character in the game. She doesn’t believe thoughts of good or bad can restrain her.

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