Destiny 2’s Necrotic Grip Warlock Exotic Gloves are Currently Broken

Destiny 2's Necrotic Grip Warlock Exotic Gloves are Currently Broken

Destiny 2’s Necrotic Grip Warlock Exotic Gloves are Currently Broken

Destiny2 is an enormous game that is subject to glitches and unintended interactions all the time. This is precisely because of all of the files it uses. Bungie created the Destiny Content Vault to reduce the size of Destiny2 files. This resulted in many areas being archived and will be kept aside for the future. It also constantly changes because it uses a seasonal model that includes new content and sandbox balance patches. This has an impact on existing items and game modes like the Trials of Osiris.

This is how you can see game-breaking issues like the strange interaction between Destiny2‘s Exotic Fusion rifle Telesto and one of the seasonal mods called Thermoclastic Blooming. Bungie quickly discovered the issue and disabled the mod to investigate further. Another example is the interaction between the Warlocks Exotic gloves, called Necrotic grip, and Thorn. This was due to a glitch Bungie left in the game.

The Necrotic Grip is now in the spotlight because they seem to cause explosions and other burning effects when combined with the bottom tree Dawnblade. The gloves usually spread poison damage over time, but the Exotic’s text changed in Season of the Lost. It is not clear if this is an intentional interaction or a bug. It’s possible that the Exotic is aware of this problem and maybe searching for a solution.

Error, YouTuber and content writer, shows how Necrotic Grip spreads their innate poison as well as the Dawnblade’s burns and explosions. This is in conjunction with the Warlocks’ Igniting Touch meleeburn and Fated for Flames perks. They also appear to be able to create chain reaction explosions that could potentially clear entire rooms. Even if Warlock intended, it would likely be less powerful than other Exotic options for Warlocks and other classes.

Given all the problems in Destiny 2‘s Season of the Lost, it would be logical for Necrotic grip also to be bugged. Players should wait to see if Bungie addresses the issue within the next few days before building around it.

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