Life is Strange: True Colors – LARP Gem Locations (Chapter 3)

Life is Strange: True Colors - LARP Gem Locations (Chapter 3)

Life is Strange: True Colors – LARP Gem Locations (Chapter 3)

The Life of Alex Chen: True Colors follows her on her quest to unravel the mystery surrounding her brother’s death. Although it can be quite emotional due to Alex’s empathic abilities, it can also be fun. This is clearly displayed in Chapter 3’s LARP section.

Alex is with Ethan on The Life of Strangers, a fantasy adventure through Haven Springs that Steph has transformed. They are on a quest to find three Soul Gems. However, it is not obvious where or how they can be obtained.

The True Colors of Life: Where to Find Your Soul Gems

Soul Gem 1

The first gem is found in the Black Lantern/Gullweather’s Tavern. A bloody sight meets Alex and Ethan. They can also talk to Duckie at the bar. Alex has powers in. To read Alex’s thoughts, choose the option “Drinking behind the Bar.” You can read his thoughts at colors, morality–Alex–powers–good-bad–issues/ to see his thoughts and choose the option ‘Drinking Behind the Bar?

Duckie will keep your secret and will give you a bell to help you find the second gem. The duo may search in a few locations for the first gem, but the actual location is inside the Music Box with an ornate dragon behind it.

Soul Gem 2

The second gemstone is available at the record shop/Magpie Emporium. However, Alex and Ethan first need to defeat the “snake.” It can be found at the end of the alleyway, next to the Silver Dragon Dispensary. Use the bell Duckie gave Alex at a tavern to make the encounter fast and simple.

Ryan will drop a fish scale, and you can pick it up at the record shop. Romance Steph can be had here. Please take a look at Steph’s wares and pick the Soul Gem at the top right. Alex can now trade the fish scale for it.

Soul Gem 3

Steph will give you the second gem. After that, you can leave the shop and walk to the Bridge of Flowers. It is just past the Flower Shop. Ryan, a troll dressed as Alex and Ethan, will be there to give them the final Soul Gem. You can either bribe him with four coins or use Troll Dust from Steph to defeat him. There are several bonus dialogue options if players wish to have an additional conversation with Ryan in Love is Strange: True Colors.

Alex and Ethan now have the 3 Soul Gems. They can either return to the park or explore further to locate all the collectible Memory locations.

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