Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Fan Has Clever Idea For A Symbiote Suit Feature

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Fan Has Clever Idea For A Symbiote Suit Feature

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Fan Has Clever Idea For A Symbiote Suit Feature

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans are excited about many reasons. The Symbiote’s appearance is easily at the top. Venom is one way to use the parasite. The Symbiote suit is another. One Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fan has a fantastic idea on how to make it happen.

Although it’s not clear if The Symbiote suit will appear in the sequel or not, it’s clear that fans have high expectations. The original Marvel Spider-Man had no black case, despite it being the most iconic costume of the hero. However, the sequel’s story will be a significant part of Symbiote’s story, so it wouldn’t surprise that the suit would appear in-game. It will need to be compatible with Peter’s moveset if it comes.

The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 teaser trailer suggests that Peter’s moveset will prominently include the Iron Spider legs. The legs are likely to give Miles some Venom-like special attacks. They can be seen no matter what suit you are wearing. Although this is speculation, Insomniac doesn’t seem to have the right motive to place so much emphasis on a random Suit Power. They are likely to play an important role. Redditor TrueBobSag thinks that the legs of the Symbiote suit should be paid special attention if this is true.

The costume is made up of a gooey alien around Peter’s body. It would be pretty odd to see two metal legs extend from his back since it was evident that they are not the same thing. They would not blend well together, nor would the colors. TrueBobSag wishes to see tendrils added to the Iron Spider legs when the Symbiote wears. As an example, Peter is shown with tendrils extending from his back like the Iron Spider legs.

The design is more pleasing overall and would make the costume stand out from other highly anticipated costumes. Many are eager to see the suit finished right, considering all the Symbiote suit fan artwork. It would be wonderful to see Insomniac go the extra mile in designing the case that many have waited for years even though the tendrils work precisely the same way as the Iron Spider legs. It will be interesting to see if this is possible.

It’s not surprising that other Marvel Spider-Man fans are supportive of this idea. The post received over 700 upvotes and several dozen supportive comments. Insomniac’s version of the Symbiote suit has received so much attention that it is likely to be a great success.

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