Apex Legends Fans Are Calling For Next Season To Be Like Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Operation Health’

Apex Legends Fans Are Calling For Next Season To Be Like Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Operation Health’

Apex Legends Fans Are Calling For Next Season To Be Like Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Operation Health’

Keeping a live game service game fun and fresh can be challenging, especially if it is a battle royale. Video game communities are always willing to give feedback about what they like and dislike. This is what happened with the Apex Legends community. Reddit user Reddit posted that another game was suggested for Apex Legends. The post suggests that Respawn should take a Season off, much like Rainbow Six Siege‘s Operation Health.

Reddit’s question doesn’t ask Respawn Entertainment for new functionality or to change up the gameplay. They say they are frustrated by Apex Legends’ technical issues and that Respawn Entertainment should stop producing content. According to the Apex Legends player, they feel “constantly kicked” and are not playable. These technical issues are worthy of all the attention from Respawn.

Operation Health was a season in which Rainbow Six Siege developers from Ubisoft did exactly what this Reddit user recommended. It took three months to update seasonal content, and Ubisoft remained focused on Rainbow Six Siege’s game health. This included fixing matchmaking and server issues, as well as the rollout of updates. Ubisoft felt that the update was essential for the long-term health of Rainbow Six Siege.

In the Reddit thread Apex Legends, it was pointed out that Operation Health was an essential point in the Rainbow Six Siege‘s lifespan. The absence of new content made the meta feel cold and stagnant. Many Rainbow Six Siege gamers at the time believed that the game was heading towards its end. As it is evident, Operation Health has helped Rainbow Six Siege achieve incredible success. Operation Health is an incredible success story, but there were also some negative aspects.

Although the Redditor’s comment about disconnects in Apex Legends is valid, it seems excessive to call for Operation Health. Apex Legends ‘ community thrives, matchmaking works smoothly, and updates are regular and smooth. Respawn is also hard at work fixing server disconnects. They expect an update to restore server stability by midweek.

Even though Apex Legends won’t have an Operation Health, it doesn’t mean this Reddit user isn’t valuable. Respawn is a diligent developer who avidly collects feedback about Apex Legends. The team has been hard at work to have a server stability patch ready for Wednesday over the weekend. This should bring things back to normal so that Respawn and fans can continue to enjoy the content without having to stop.

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