BattlEye anti-cheat confirms Steam Deck support

Epic Games announced yesterday that Easy Anti-Cheat now supports Linux and macOS. It also works with Wine, Proton and other compatibility layers, which allow Windows programs to run on Linux. Practically, any Easy Anti-Cheat game, such as Apex Legends and Day by Daylight should run on the Steam Deck.
BattlEye also announced today that Steam Deck software will be supported.

BattlEye tweeted, “BattlEye provides native Linux and Mac support for many years and we can now announce that we will support the upcoming Steam Deck(Proton)”. This will be an opt-in process, with game developers deciding whether or not they wish to allow it.

This is crucial. This is important. BattlEye compatibility allows you to play a variety of popular online games like Ark: Survival Evolved and Fortnite.

I don’t know what it means to be “done on an option-in basis”. I mean, I understand what opt-in means. But I don’t get why a developer wouldn’t want their game to run on Steam Deck and support BattlEye. I have emailed Battleeye to get clarification.

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