This mod adds an incredible photo mode to almost any UE4 game

We expect certain types of photo modes to be available at this point. It’s not surprising that developers haven’t created a way to freeze a beautiful landscape, pose or facial expression when you play a high-end action or open-world game.
Even though games may have their photo modes these versions can be limited. You’ll be happy to know that the Universal Unreal Unlocker (or “UUU”) is a multi-purpose tool for photo mode.

You can use the UUU mod to trigger a free cam mode for a long list of Unreal Engine 4 (more than 300 according to its creator), disable HUDs and recreate your in-game console. It also adds frame skip functionality. This gives you a lot more freedom to capture the perfect moment, even during cutscenes that are normally off-limits.

You can also use it to explore game environments that are often overlooked or not appreciated, such as the cyberpunk cities of The Ascent and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s famous Imperial bases.

I had a chat with the “FRAMED”, the largest group of screenshots using UUU, and its associated tools on Discord. TeoTave shared the above shot, which he took in Jedi: Fallen Order. TeoTave explains, “I wanted to capture Cal’s idle pose while giving the impression that he’s looking at the background. But I also wanted an ‘intruder’ element in the frame, such as the starship in the upper left corner.”

“UUU” was used to remove unwanted effects, to freeze the game at the correct moment (after counting seconds for the idle animation trigger and the starship appear in the frame…and many of tries), and for hot sampling.

UUU was invented by Frans Bouma (a game modder and software developer), also known as Otis_Inf. He’s been working on camera mods for a while but wanted to create something more universal.

A friend and he started to build camera unlockers for a handful of UE4 games. Then, they worked together to make the code more general so that it could be used across all titles using the engine. It worked! Bouma was able to keep up the Unreal Engine updates without any complications.

Hotsampling is also used by the UUU to take better photos, without melting your GPU.

The idea is to create a screenshot in a size that you can see on your monitor when you are using windowed mode. Let’s say 1920×1080. Next, use software to resize your window to 7680×4320 (8K, or whatever you choose), then let the game resize. Take a quick screenshot and then resize again, before your GPU explodes. Although the entire window will not fit on your screen due to its size, most capture software can still capture the full-frame buffer. FRAMED community administrator Jim2point0 stated that the screenshot can be resized to the same resolution as the original. However, it should have the same aspect ratio.

FRAMED members submitted many screenshots that included hot sampling and ReShade alteration.

The UUU tool makes it easy to take portraits of PC gaming’s most loved characters. You can crop out distant shots or rotate your camera to get any resolution in a game that supports it.

Bouma doesn’t just keep up with UE4. Bouma has also added a new lighting system that allows for custom lighting to be applied in real-time. This shot is from Kena: Bridge of Spirits. He has added two custom light sources to illuminate the heroine’s face and staff.

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