This new Dwarf Fortress video has me more excited than ever for the graphical update

Since March 2019, Tarn Adams, creator of Dwarf Fortress, announced that the game would soon be available on Steam along with a new graphical interface. I have been patient. Adams has been posting a steady stream of updated videos and screenshots over the years, showing the progress of the project. But this latest video has finally made me grab my hands and shout “Give it to us now!” The massive overhaul of Dwarf Fortress looks and sounds fantastic.
Dwarf Fortress was known for using ASCII symbols rather than art. However, it had only two songs as a soundtrack, which Adams played on an acoustic instrument. The Steam version has music and graphics added to it, and this video’s 10-minute soundtrack is almost enrapturing. The music starts with a sparse acoustic instrument, before adding in atmospheric touches and thrilling crescendos. Although I don’t know the name of the composer, it reminds me of Darren Korb’s music from Supergiant Games. I take that as a compliment.

This video was created to showcase the new desert biome tileset for the first time. I think it looks great. Dwarf Fortress is usually played from a very ‘zoomed-out perspective. It’s difficult to see everything on the screen because the video bounces between the fortress beneath and the surface. It does have menus and they are easy to follow. You can also use mouse controls to draw zones for storage or dig sites.

Although there are still a lot of things to be done before Dwarf Fortress’s graphical release is complete, it is starting to look good. I hope that I won’t be sitting here doing grabby handwork in a year.–coins-generator-2022/c/Wg645IQkYl0–coins-generator-2022/c/5CHcqN7pfTw–coins-generator-2022/c/S-tZkTXbO8I–coins-generator-2022/c/Qkm1DvqY1sE–coins-generator-2022/c/Ox1XcpMbU2s–coins-generator-2022/c/9joxqS4v8M8–coins-generator-2022/c/WxLxP7RgUzg–coins-generator-2022/c/ne_HgqHa7Ew–coins-generator-2022/c/QKkyzQJTOAQ–coins-generator-2022/c/FXfpmAE8ksg

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