Deathloop: How To Solve The Puzzle Safe Beneath Aleksis’ Mansion

Deathloop: How To Solve The Puzzle Safe Beneath Aleksis' Mansion

Deathloop: How To Solve The Puzzle Safe Beneath Aleksis’ Mansion

Death loop has many intricate puzzles with valuable rewards and collectibles. To survive Colt’s journey, you need to give Colt as much power as possible. This will allow him to defeat Julianna and the Visionaries who propagate the endless Loop that he is stuck in. The team of savages placed valuable trinkets and trinkets behind locked doors, or worse in safes, to keep players from advancing too fast.

Many combinations of numbers can be used to lock safes, so it can be challenging to find some. Many of these safes are not easy to find and provide no guidance. This is evident in the hidden “glyph box” located underneath Aleksis’ Mansion in Update. Players can unlock this safe by traveling to the area at noon (or morning) and finding it before anyone else.

How to Find the Hidden Glyph Chest near Aleksis’ Mansion

Locating the safe is the first step to solving this mystery. Players who know Colt’s Apartment will make their way there and then look out the north-facing windows to see Aleksis’ Mansion just across the street. For those who are not familiar with the area, you can start at Updaam’s Tunnels. This is the easiest way to locate the underground loot. Start at Updaam Tunnels on the right and walk towards the large neon Candy sign.

Players can then continue on the right side to the rock path.

Next, go up the roof and continue to the leftover gate and wall.

Continue on the path to reach a cliff that overlooks The Moxie.

Stealth players can continue on the mountainside, jump behind the camera in the distance and enter the doorway. They can then follow the path through the tunnel and another doorway.

The Camera must be hacked to unlock the door (during the Morning).

Players should find Aleksis’ Mansion and the Horde of Eternalists on the other side. A massive Fox Head can be seen jutting out of the mountainside.

Players can move to the right side (facing it from the backside) to see an area they can drop onto. This will take them to the cave with the safe.

How to Solve the Safe Puzzle under Aleksis’ Mansion

The safe puzzle looks intimidating at first glance. The safe puzzle is full of detailed information. Players will need to find three codes to gain access to the loot. The puzzle isn’t too tricky once players know how it works. However, they might want to take notes as six numbers must be collected from Updaam to crack the code. It is easiest to get those numbers first.

The Map Creator

Players will see a triangle drawn on the map to the left-hand side. The cave wall and chalk outline of other triangles can be seen to the right of this map. To find the exact location of all numbers, players must first determine where they are located on the map.

Once the first one has been placed, gamers can place the second two. The triangle at the bottom of the wall points to a skull half-faded, which is another icon found on the map. We can find the following two numbers by placing the triangle in the skull. You can also place the middle triangle on the map. If you are having difficulty “spotting it,” the bottom left point should align with the number at the library’s front.

Players will find them out at Updaam once they have the six numbers and their locations. These numbers are often etched into walls, doors, frames, and buildings and circle around their edges. If you are having trouble finding any, please refer to the complete location solution below.

Where to Find Every Number

A small map is a best and fastest way to locate them. It’s difficult to refer to a map quickly, and players will have to return to the cave to see the triangle shapes. For those who are still not sure, here’s a view of where each number is located:

First number

On the pillar right next to Colt’s apartment, you will find the first number.

Second Number

The second number is located on the pillar to the left of Otto’s workshop.

Third Number

Hidden on the right wall, next to The Moxie.

Fourth Number

You can see it in Charlie’s building. If you try it in the morning, you will need to use a scope to see the code. Players who find the code difficult to read will need to return at noon when the bridge has been raised.

Fifth Number

She was hidden behind a piece of cloth on the wall to the left side of the Library’s front doors.

Sixth number

This is located near the van at level 1, by the locked gate and alleyway.

How to Decode the Numbers and Unlock the Safe

Once they have all the numbers, players can go back to the cave to use the “cipher” on the cave wall to decode them. It is straightforward to unravel the numbers. Each of the triangles drawn in chalk on the wall has a set of hash marks at the corners. The corner without hash marks represents the first number in a sequence. The second number is the corner that has one hash mark. The third corner has two hash marks.

Players will access all three locks by setting the numbers at the corners of each triangle and using the cipher for their order. The locks must be placed in the same order that the triangles. The uppermost should be the first sequence to enter the safe, while the middle and bottom should follow.

Our code was created using the formula below.

  • 115
  • 541
  • 751

You will notice that the player codes may be different as each loop randomly generates numbers and positions, creating entirely new combinations.

What’s inside the Safe?

The reward for opening this safe isn’t all that exciting. It’s a paltry 5750 Residium compared to the more exciting rewards in Deathloop. It’s still a completed puzzle, and there is an “infusion” guarantee of Residium during each run. Colt will know the codes automatically after solving the first puzzle. Players will only need to solve it once to have the reward.

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