Mod turns Mass Effect’s reapers into Among Us imposters just for the memes

It shows a new mod for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the basic description for which is straight-to-the-point: “This mod turns all Sovereign-class reapers in Mass Effect 3 into Among Us imposters.”
Ok, I guess. I guess. They’re giant Imposters, stomping about like the Stay Puft marshmallow man. Mentlegen, the creator of Mass Effect, went straight to a copypasta explanation. It first appeared on Reddit around seven months ago but has been available online for a long time.

Although I won’t bore you with the entire thing, it does some solid work as mod descriptions go. It’s too much for me. When I see an image of some random object, it’s not what I expected. It started as “Oh, that looks kinda like the Among Us man”. It’s funny! But I continued to look. I saw a fridge that looked just like Among Us. I also saw an animated bag with chips that looked exactly like Among Us. I even saw a hat that looked exactly like Among Us. As the words AMOGUS rolled through my head, I would burst into a maniacal, breath-deprived giggle every time.

“I won’t hear the word suspicious without thinking about Among Us. Someone does something awful and I can only say. I could sit and watch a man kill everyone I love, and all I would say is red sus.’ And laugh like a crazy person.

The reapers are now imposters, all for the love memes. The mod, who cites Thomas the Reaper Engine (a mod that transforms all capital ships into Thomas the Tank Engine) as an inspiration, is not surprising.

Mentlegen was a frequent modder of Mass Effect before the demise of Imposters everywhere. He also created the More Gay Romances mod, which allows players to access previously unexplored romance options. Mods are still being made to the game, adding new elements and tweaking existing features. However, few games have provided such detailed descriptions as this.

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