One Piece: 10 Characters Who Can Rival The Yonko, Ranked

One Piece: 10 Characters Who Can Rival The Yonko, Ranked

One Piece: 10 Characters Who Can Rival The Yonko, Ranked

The Four Emperors of the Sea, also known as the Yonko, are the most potent pirates within the One-Piece world. They are like Kings over the Grand Line’s second half. They are in constant conflict with each other.

These pirates are extremely capable and can command thousands of people, as well as many allies. Only a handful of pirates can match the power of the Yonko, and even fewer can defeat them. However, they are strong enough to be beaten by a few pirates.

10 Edward Weevil Looks Just Like Young Whitebeard

Edward Weevil, one of the Shichibukai who lost their titles after the Reverie, is Edward Weevil. He is a dangerous pirate who rose to the occasion after the Paramount War. It is an incredible feat that Weevil has taken down Whitebeard’s allies.

Borsalino likened Edward Weevil’s strength, even though his true strength is still unknown. He can undoubtedly fight the Yonko with strength like this.

9 Kuzan Matched Sakazuki In A Fight For 10 Days

Kuzan, a former Marine Admiral, is currently an ally to the Blackbeard Pirates. Kuzan and Admiral are very powerful. Kuzan’s Hie Hie no Mi fruit power, which he obtained from the devil, allows him to turn ice into ice at will.

After the Paramount War, Kuzan defeated Sakazuki at Punk Hazard. He used his power to change the climate on half of the island permanently. According to some reports, the battle was extremely close. This means that Kuzan’s power is similar to Sakazuki’s, therefore, fighting against the Yonko.


8 Boa Hancock is a fearsome pirate captain

Boa Hancock, the Pirate Empress, is one of the most potent pirates within the One Piece universe. She is also a Shichibukai, just like Weevil. Hancock can petrify anyone with the power of Mero Mero no Mi. Hancock is one of few characters to possess all three types of Haki. She is also a Kuja and specializes in Haki use.

Sengoku says that Boa Hancock is a mighty woman. Without a single sweat in Marineford, she defeated an army of Sentomaru and Pacifists. Hancock believed in her ability to defeat the Navy even when they tried to capture her.


7 Dracule Mihawk is The World’s Strongest Swordsman

Dracule Mihawk is one of the most powerful pirates in the One Piece universe. Mihawk is a formidable swordsman. He was once a rival to Shanks.

He can use two Haki types and is very skilled with them. Mihawk demonstrated his skills in Marineford and, just like Hancock, didn’t care about being hunted down by the Marines. He doesn’t seem afraid of anyone and is therefore sure to be able to rival the Yonko.


6 Silvers Rayleigh is Still A Powerful Fighter

Rayleigh was the Roger Pirates’ second-in-command and was a formidable fighter in his day. Rayleigh is now old and has lost a lot of his fighting ability.

Silvers Rayleigh can use all three Haki types, but he has only demonstrated advanced Armament Haki. Rayleigh was able to stop Borsalino on Sabaody without too much difficulty, which shows that he can do the same against Yonko.


Roger’s Rival at One Point Was 5 Shiki

Shiki, also known as the Golden Lion, is a notorious pirate in the One Piece world. He is the first person to be known to have escaped from Impel Down. This is a sign of how powerful he is.

Even though Shiki is an older man and has lost his legs, he’s still a menace. It is difficult to defeat with his Fuwa Fuwa no Mi abilities. In his prime, Shiki was able to take down Garp and Sengoku simultaneously and even destroy half of Marineford. He would have no trouble with a Yonko.


4 Monkey D. Luffy Is Stronger Than Ever

One Piece’s protagonist Monkey D. Luffy has become incredibly powerful over time. Although his Gomu Gomu no Mi use of the devil fruit is impressive, what is truly scary about Luffy is his Haki. Luffy can use all Haki types, and he has mastery over all of them.

Luffy managed to defeat Kaido in battle in Wano Country and even injure him quite severely. Luffy will almost certainly have defeated Kaido by the end of this arc, proving that he is more potent than Yonko.

3 Sakazuki is The Fleet Admiral Of Marines

Sakazuki (formerly Admiral Akainu) is one of the most powerful characters in the story. He is a Logia-type devil fruit that has offensive power of the highest rank.

Sakazuki beat Kuzan on Punk Hazard, which means that his skill is superior to Kuzan’s. Sakazuki is an excellent Haki user and can use two advanced Haki types. Sakazuki is a formidable force, and the Yonko should be afraid of his power.


2 Sengoku could rival Gol D. Roger in a fight

Sengoku, a former Fleet Admiral of Marines, is one of the most potent Marines ever included in their ranks. He was an admiral and a formidable opponent to Gol D.Roger, the most fearsome pirate on the seas.

Sengoku is blessed with a Mythical Zan Devil Fruit, which allows him to transform into a Buddha and use shockwaves to attack. He is the only Marine to be able to use all three Haki types. He is undoubtedly capable of competing with the Yonko, given his abilities.


1 Monkey D. Garp – The Hero Of The Marines

Garp is one the most powerful fighters of the One Piece universe. He fought Rocks in battle and defeated him, just like Roger. This shows how powerful Garp was back then. Also, he is known as the only Marine to have Gol D. Roger cornered. Roger acknowledged Garp’s skills on multiple occasions.

Garp is a master of two Haki types and is well-known for his Armament Haki. He can take on almost any fighter in the story. He can beat any Yonko in One Piece.

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