Resident Evil 4 VR releases on Oculus Quest 2 next month

Resident Evil 4 VR will be released on Oculus Quest 2. Next month
The Resident Evil Showcase in April announced the virtual reality port, giving 2005’s classic a new look. Many of the objects and menus in the game have been updated to make it more intuitive for VR. You can interact with the classic pause screen to grab weapons or items and arrange them as you wish. Weapons can also be grabbed off-the-body, rather than on a menu. For example, guns can be pulled from the waist while healing objects can be pulled from the left shoulder. A knife can also come from the chest.

You also have a variety of movement options. You can play standing up or sitting down, and you can move with either the analogue stick or by Teleporting Leon around. You also have quick turning and turn to snap very useful options.

IGN has provided a preview of the game. It shows that certain transitions, such as jumping from Leon’s first-person perspective to seeing him climb a ladder from third-person, can be awkward. Also, it can take time to get used to which items are where on your body. Overall, it looks like a fun experience and a great way to refresh a 16-year-old video game. It’s also the first Resident Evil VR game to arrive on PC. Resident Evil 7 had virtual reality, but it was only available to PlayStation VR users.–cash-generator-2022/c/FH8iJ16dA6U–cash-generator-2022/c/nIEKOkekpd8–cash-generator-2022/c/6WbFvHT3QjY–cash-generator-2022/c/EZ9tCe1J5wg–cash-generator-2022/c/4D_YnkqW9lc–cash-generator-2022/c/veeOYvbj0rw–cash-generator-2022/c/Al8ki8pTEE8–cash-generator-2022/c/pl-RaIAVu2M–cash-generator-2022/c/-ImO_2kyNJM–cash-generator-2022/c/j6OW2LOy2w8–gold-2022-working/c/bslH87Umklk–gold-2022-working/c/2NSBbnuPMqw–gold-2022-working/c/0p4dS87uiwI–gold-2022-working/c/KdDj_RaQWi8–gold-2022-working/c/V-Yc_Zwp-5Q–gold-2022-working/c/sC7tVcmeQbI–gold-2022-working/c/w6a2JZXZH-o–gold-2022-working/c/beH85I5hrhU–gold-2022-working/c/dR5A-YFeVqs–gold-2022-working/c/i6AwUvvYl2g

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