Destiny 2 Designer Shares Cool Season of the Lost Weapon Details

Destiny 2 Designer Shares Cool Season of the Lost Weapon Details

Destiny 2 Designer Shares Cool Season of the Lost Weapon Details

Bungie concept artist Eric Pfeiffer recently revealed some Destiny 2 concept artwork. The concept art was centered around Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost event as well as some unique weapons players could get.

Pfeiffer stated about the art that his goal had been to make weapons sound as if they could create a unique series “of tones as they fired.” He also said that he had imagined each weapon producing a unique sound depending on which warrior it was given. One fan linked this idea back to Destiny 2’s story.

Commenter says that the unique tones counteract Savathun’s song. This shows a deep appreciation of the effort that went into designing the weapon designs. Similar comments were left by many fans about their love for the designs and the insight that Pfeiffer gave. Although Destiny 2 players are frustrated, almost all of them adore the art.

This concept art is very similar in appearance to the final product. Many players could identify the auto rifle Chrysuramelo and the grenade launcher Canis Major immediately. Pfeiffer posted the weapon himself, and it was clear that he had a deep love for Fractethyst the shotgun.

Another commenter pointed out that many of the new additions to Season of the Lost were inspired by music. Although the weapons in the tweet are clearly inspired by instruments and some of their perks were influenced by music, others in the tweet also have musical roots. As examples, Harmony, Adagio and Ensemble were mentioned by the commenter. Some of the new Destiny 2 mods even have musical inspirations.

It was clear from the tweet that much thought went into designing Destiny’s weapons. The weapons were designed around a musical theme, so everything about them is based on that theme. The weapons’ sounds when they are fired are influenced by music. It is clear that these creations were a labor of love and hard work. Many commenters expressed their gratitude to Pfeiffer, who shared his insights with them. Many took the time to clarify misconceptions regarding Destiny 2 as well as its quality.

Bungie’s next plans are exciting for many fans. Many fans want the same attention to a Destiny 2 pulse rifle. One thing is certain, the weapons that will be made available will be well-designed and meticulously crafted.

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