Destiny 2 Players Discover Issue with Leviathan’s Breath

Destiny 2 Players Discover Issue with Leviathan's Breath

Destiny 2 Players Discover Issue with Leviathan’s Breath

A new season in Destiny 2 usually means a new weapon meta is available depending on the artifact perks and patches. Season of the Lost is the latest season. It features buffs to fusion, linear fusion rifles, and nerfs for various weapons such as shotguns and 120 RPM hand cannons. One weapon seems to have been accidentally hit by a nerd and Destiny 2 players has noticed.
Leviathan’s breath is an Exotic heavybow that was first introduced in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep’s first season. It is the only weapon of this type in the game. This heavy bow was initially available in the Seasonal Exotic Quest, where players had to complete a task for Banshee 44 to unlock a weapon safe hidden in a corner at the Tower. Leviathan’s breath was also the first Exotic to offer an intrinsic damage perk that targets Champions. This included unstoppable Champions.

Reddit user TheSting117 posted a thread on Destiny’s official subreddit, calling attention to the decreased damage Leviathan’s Breath is causing. The issue was discovered by them while farming the legendary Lost Sector. They noticed that a precise, stunning shot at a Champion was doing less damage than the second one after the Champion was stunned. This is a significant change from earlier seasons, when the Exotic heavy weapons caused constant damage to Champions.

After the usual sandbox patch, Leviathan’s Breath was doing significantly more damage to the first precision shot. The first shot usually did around 58,000 points damage on precision hit and an additional 6,000 area-of-effect damages. After that, the damage dropped to approximately 44,000 points and 2,300 damage on AoE and precision hits, respectively. TheSting117 claimed that the opening shot did only 14,000 points of damage to precision hits.

TheSting117 also found other weapons with this problem. The Exotic linear fusion rifle Sleeper SIMULANT was used in the legendary Lost Sector. They also claimed that the first precision shot did less damage than the subsequent shots.

TheSting117 believed that the nerf was accidental and quite recent, as they only noticed the decreased damage in September 2021. This would align the nerf to one of two recent Bungie patches, the most recent being September 23, though no weapon tuning was included in the patch.

This isn’t the first instance of this happening. Both weapons and subclass abilities have been accidentally reduced by patches. Players noticed that Hunters’ Golden Gun super didn’t kill beyond 34 meters in May 2021. This was most likely due to a range restriction on hand cannons, which had unintended effects on the super. It is unclear, however, how long Bungie will address the damage issue in a patch or hotfix.

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