Genshin Impact is being review bombed after months of player frustration

Genshin Impact has been reviewed after growing dissatisfaction from the community about the game’s treatment.
Each game has had a difficult few months. Fans are voicing increasing concerns about updates and future events. Yoimiya, the 5-star character, was not well received. Fans complained about her broken abilities and felt that little thought had gone into her gameplay design. Baal, the next 5-star character in the game, also faced similar problems.

It didn’t help that August was the anniversary of Livestream. The English stream was over an hour late and the rewards revealed for the anniversary event were very stingy. Gacha game enthusiasts will be familiar with anniversaries. Developers often throw in a lot of rewards, sometimes premium currency, that can take a while to earn.

The rewards are not what players want and this, combined with the silence of miHoYo regarding the recent issues, has caused tensions to escalate. The situation appears to be at an end, as angry fans took to the game’s mobile stores pages to leave 1-star reviews. The game’s rating on Apple Store is currently at a 4.5. It’s only seen the rating drop to below three stars for the Google Play Store. GamesRadar reports that it was worse only a few hours before, but things have improved somewhat.

This could be because, according to one Reddit posting, 1-star reviews are being reported by Google as bot reviews. Google has a policy that prohibits “spam and fake reviews”, which specifically forbids manipulating app ratings. Although it isn’t the same as Steam review bomb detection, it does seem to be similar. This will prevent the rating from dropping too low.

However, it hasn’t stopped players from expressing their anger on Genshin’s official Discord servers. They are also spamming the channels with a character emoticon that’s been synonymous with community disappointment. The servers are currently in a half-hour mode, an increase from the initial reported ten minutes.

MiHoYo has not yet responded. It’s unclear if we will see an acknowledgement from the developer given the length of the silence. Genshin is an amazing experience that players will enjoy, and it’s unfortunate.

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