Metroid Dread Clip Confirms Return of Classic Samus Ability

MeMetroid Dread Clip Confirms Return of Classic Samus Abilitytroid Dread Clip Confirms Return of Classic Samus Ability

Metroid Dread Clip Confirms Return of Classic Samus Ability

Metroid Dread will be released in less than two weeks. Many players are excited about what lies ahead. Metroid Dread has been awaited by many fans for more than ten years. Many assumed that the project was abandoned. It seems that Metroid Dread will be featured in the latest installment of the 2D Metroid series.
It has been a while since a Metroid official game was released. Metroid 2D: Samus Returns was the last Metroid 2D game released on the 3DS. Even then, it was a remake of Metroid 2 Return of Samus. Expectations for Metroid: Dread are high. There will be many familiar gameplay mechanics, including one that involves the Morph Ball.

Nintendo of America has confirmed via Twitter that Metroid Dread will have a directional mechanic that players can use when in Samus’ Morph Ball mode. You can drop bombs while in the Morph ball form to propel you upwards or diagonally through the air. This mechanic was introduced in Super Metroid, and it has been carried over to most Metroid entries.

It is nice to see familiar mechanics such as this being introduced in Metroid Dread. Since the release of Metroid Fusion, there has not been a Metroid 2D game. The game will take place directly after Metroid Fusion’s events, so many of the mechanics from that game will likely be used in Metroid Dread.

It’s amazing that Metroid Dread even exists. Metroid Dread was originally planned to be released on the Nintendo DS 16 years ago. It’s exciting that it will finally be available for players. Metroid Dread will be released on the Nintendo DS in the near future, but there is one question.

Metroid Dread was announced first in the mid-2000s. Metroid Prime 4 was confirmed as being in development four years ago. Since then, the development team has restarted the game and there have been no updates. It’s also important to remember how many major titles have remained unaddressed for years, like Bayonetta 3 which was finally revealed after years of silence. Metroid Prime 4’s release will not take as long as Metroid Dread’s.

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