As New World goes live in North America, it already has half a million players

New World is now available and players seem ready for a new MMO. According to SteamDB’s numbers, the game currently has 520,000 concurrent users. This is a remarkable result for a game that’s not free to play and is essentially a grind. People do love a good grind.
Fraser, our own Fraser, is currently out fishing in the early hours of the world (to be fair, he was much more productive in the beta). My favourite part of New World was not when it was blowing up graphic cards but when it got a player called “AmazonOfficial” who went around expounding on inconvenient Amazon facts.

Here are 10 tips to help you get started in New World. And here’s how you can have fun with your friends.

While we’ll be keeping an eye on player numbers, just to emphasize: 520,000 and growing represents mainly European servers. (The NA servers were turned on around 20 minutes ago.) This suggests a lot of interest in the New World–at least for the short term. This just shows that players still want the next World of Warcraft, even after all these years. Only time will tell if New World will satisfy them or merely provide a temporary distraction.

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