Rebooted GamesMaster announces its new hosts

Recently, we reported on GamesMaster’s long-awaited return. This pioneering British TV program from the 90s will be back on screens in the latter part of this year with a new format and lineup. Alaska TV and Future’s Barcroft Studios will co-produce the show (disclosure: Future is PC Gamer), and we now know who will host it.
Robert Florence will be the lead presenter of the rebooted series. He’ll also serve as a creative consultant. Florence’s past work in gaming includes Consolevania, which is a long-running, cult favourite, but which also features a series of comedy shorts about gaming, and Videogaiden, which was similar. Florence, who is also an actor and writer for various shows like Burnistoun or The Scotts seems very happy to take on this role.

Florence says, “It’s an honour to have been trusted with leading new generation challengers to glory or humiliation under the unflinching eye of the GamesMaster.” “I am looking forward to seeing what I can do.”

Frankie Ward, Ty Logan and Ty Logan will be Florence’s co-hosts. Ward is a familiar face to PC Gamer fans as she was one of the co-hosts of the PC Gaming Show at E3. She is also well-known to esports enthusiasts, having presented numerous events in a variety of games, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. She’s even been featured in a few games.

After being selected as E4’s future face earlier this year, Ty Logan will be Ty Logan’s first presenting job. He has previously been an actor and writer and is “ready to thrash any FIFA employee”.

The announcement about the new talent includes a brief blurb about the show’s future: “The series will see celebrities gaming stars and superfans all participate in challenges, races, and epic fights. The competitors will compete in virtual battles on a variety of games to win the legendary Golden Joystick Trophy. They’ll also be monitored by the GamesMaster, who will keep an eye on them as they play.

It’s not known what the GamesMaster is, but I believe it to be Simon Amstell. GamesMaster will be aired on E4’s YouTube later in the year, and then come to the television at a later time. Sign of the times, eh?

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