Demon Slayer Game Highlights Adventure Mode in New Trailer

Demon Slayer Game Highlights Adventure Mode in New Trailer

Demon Slayer Game Highlights Adventure Mode in New Trailer

The Hinokami Chronicles revealed a new trailer for its upcoming anime tie-in game Demon Slayer. It showed off its single-player Adventure Mode and previously revealed Versus Mode. Demon Slayer – The Hinokami Chronicles will allow fans to play through the events from the anime’s first seasons as well as the movie, Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba: Mugen Train.
The trailer shows several memorable moments from the anime. It includes Tanjiro’s fight with Rui, the legendary spider demon and Zenitsu’s battle against another member the spider demon family. A lot of characters fans have grown to love, such as Shinobu and Nezuko, were also shown in the trailer. Inosuke, a Demon Slayer fan favorite, made several appearances.

Fans loved the fact that the game would appear to tell the story of the anime through the Mugen Train arc. This was the subject of the series’ film. The trailer ends with Rengoku, the fiery swordmaster facing off against Akaza the powerful demon. This fight was a highlight for many viewers. Many fans speculated that Akaza would become the final boss of the adventure mode. Others hoped that DLC would be available for additional encounters. Some fans are clearly eager to see beyond the current anime, as the Demon Slayer manga has already been completed.

The game’s visuals were praised by a majority of the commenters, with some even saying that it looks identical to the anime it was based on. One commenter said, “It looks almost exactly like anime, except that you play it.” Other fans were thrilled to hear that The Hinokami Chronicles will cover all of the Mugen Train arc. As there were almost zero negative comments on the Adventure MOde, players were clearly eager to try Demon Slayer’s powerful breathing techniques.

This mode appears to be a slight modification of the Versus Mode. Players will take control of Tanjiro, Demon Slayer protagonist and he seeks revenge on his family and protect his sister. Rengoku’s trailer ends with the suggestion that players may be able to play other slayers in their famous encounters. Although details of Adventure Mode are still unknown, the trailer generated a lot of excitement. Fans were quick to express their appreciation.

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