New World won’t let you swim, but you can walk underwater

New World starts with you being rescued from a shipwreck. It’s not surprising that you don’t know anything about swimming. Aeternum doesn’t have any. Although it is surrounded by water, with many rivers and lakes, you won’t be able to paddle.
Many MMOs embrace the aquatic lifestyle, but there are still some that prefer to stay on dry ground, such as Star Wars: The Old Republic. This exclusive MMO features only bodies of water that reach your ankles. New Word’s rivers, ponds, and lakes are all similarly shallow.

It’s okay that New World doesn’t have swimming. It feels as though it was meant to be, there’s even an air meter! It was accidentally discovered by me when I crouch rather than sheathing my weapon. This put my head below the water. It seems there is no reason to be able to crouch in the water. However, you can.

Some places are too deep for you to stay above the waterline, and that’s when things start to get weird. As if you were going for a stroll, you just keep moving. It feels like you’re wandering through a murky void, but only briefly to avoid drowning. There’s nothing here that is interesting.

New World has seen a few changes and it feels like a ghost of a swimming pool system that never made it to the final cut. Maybe there is some hidden treasure in the water. Or just a very damp end.

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