Halo Infinite Tech Preview Opening Up to All Xbox Insiders

Halo Infinite Tech Preview Opening Up to All Xbox Insiders

Halo Infinite Tech Preview Opening Up to All Xbox Insiders

Xbox Insiders members will be able to access another technical preview of Halo Infinite. This preview will be held only from October 1st to 3rd.

If you aren’t already part of the Xbox Insider program, you can still participate in the tech preview by downloading the Xbox Insider app from the Microsoft Store and following the instructions. The preview will include a selection of modes on a few of the game’s maps. The upcoming event will include all modes from Halo Infinite’s first technical preview.

Halo Infinite already hosted a similar event and 343 Industries indicated that all the features that were available in the first preview of the game will be available in the next test. These modes include Capture the Flag, Slayer and Big Team Battle. The multiplayer preview will be available to players from 10am to 2pmPT and 5pm until 9pmPT throughout the weekend. Access to iconic Halo Infinite vehicles will be available to players as well.

When the game is released, players who have participated in 10 or more matches will be eligible for a special reward: a unique emblem to represent their Spartans.

343 Industries stated that this multiplayer tech preview was intended to test the services behind Halo Infinite on a large scale. This will enable 343 Industries to collect real-world data about the hardware used to run the game. It will also have the opportunity to test some gameplay features such as Halo Infinite returning to the old radar system.

A training mode will be available to players, which is a first in the Halo series. Players will have the ability to load bots into matches that they can modify with different weapons, grenades and equipment. You can also adjust the difficulty of the bots and the teams you are playing on. Technical preview will include more Weapon Drills, including the fan-favorite drill to the S7 Sniper. Many gamers expressed excitement about the possibility of more time with the game and even highlighted the advantages Halo Infinite has over the competition.

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