Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Final DLC Character Leak Points to Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Final DLC Character Leak Points to Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Final DLC Character Leak Points to Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been a hugely popular game on the Switch since its launch in 2018. Super Smash Bros. has been a hit with fans. Ultimate has maintained its commitment to the game’s long-term success by regularly releasing new content, including DLC characters from Nintendo series as well as third-party franchises. The Nintendo post-launch support of Super Smash Bros. is now three years old. Ultimate is coming to an end. The last DLC character will be revealed Tuesday, October 5, with many theories about his identity.
A new theory is that Super Smash Bros. may be the last. The Ultimate DLC character is Sora from Kingdom Hearts. This was due to a 4chan posting from July 30, in which an Anonymous poster claimed to be working for Disney. He stated that Nintendo wanted the rights to Kingdom Hearts songs for use in a digital event on October 5.

Although video game leaks from 4chan are easy to dismiss, there have been genuine leaks from the site, including leaks regarding Nintendo games. The poster also mentioned a Nintendo digital event, months before Nintendo announced Super Smash Bros. It gives it more credibility than it might otherwise have, even though it may just be a lucky guess.

According to a reliable Nintendo leaker, the final Super Smash Bros. The Ultimate DLC character, which would suit Sora, will be third-party. Super Smash Bros. may make Sora a third-party character. Ultimate It was reported previously that Disney will keep Sora from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for whatever reason. However, it is always possible that the company has changed its mind.

Although the Kingdom Hearts games were originally developed for PlayStation, they have been long associated with Nintendo. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories started out as a Game Boy Advance exclusive, but a variety of Kingdom Hearts titles were later made available for Nintendo handhelds. With other Square Enix characters in Super Smash Bros. Sora, the Ultimate character, seems to be an obvious choice, despite issues with Disney.

Super Smash Bros already has Cloud and Sephiroth, both from Final Fantasy 7. Ultimate are playable fighters. There are also references to Square Enix titles. This, combined with the latest leak, may make it more likely that Sora will finally be coming to Super Smash Bros. Fans may be hesitant to expect the ultimate, but they might want to lower their expectations to stay safe.


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