Kena Bridge of Spirits Xbox Release Possible, Only Timed Exclusive on PlayStation

Kena Bridge of Spirits Xbox Release Possible, Only Timed Exclusive on PlayStation

Kena Bridge of Spirits Xbox Release Possible, Only Timed Exclusive on PlayStation

Fans of Kena: Bridge of Spirits wondered if the game would be available on other consoles after its release as an Epic Games Store and PlayStation exclusive. Ember Lab has revealed that Kena Bridge of Spirits may be coming to Xbox in the near future.

SegmentNext was interviewed by Ember Lab, who confirmed that Kena Bridge of Spirits is a timed PlayStation Exclusive. This means it cannot be transferred to any other console until after a specific time period. Ember Lab declined to confirm or deny that an Xbox port is possible.

Developers stated that they would be focusing on the PlayStation launch of the game and responding to fan requests, including a physical Kena: Bridge of Spirits release and the incorporation of languages. Segment Next was also informed by Ember Labs that they are currently focusing on the launch of Epic Games and PlayStation. These exclusives are timed. After launch, we will take a break and look at other platforms.

Already, it has been proven that Kena: Bridge of Spirits is significantly different from Kena: Bridge of Spirits played on PS4. The PS5 version fully utilizes the PS5 controller’s DualSense Adaptive Trigger and Haptic Feedback functions. It is yet to be seen how Ember Lab will take advantage of the latest advancements in Xbox controllers and consoles. The stunning environments of Kena: Bridge of Spirit could make the journey through Ember Lab’s beautiful worlds just as amazing as on PlayStation.

According to reports, Ember Lab is very popular among the Kena Bridge of Spirits PlayStation community. Developers have been showing off the game’s visuals and its powerful Photo Mode. According to Ember Lab’s interview, the main goal was to deliver a solid game for PlayStation and PC owners. It may now be looking at possible ports. However, the possibility of working on a completely new project is still open to Ember Lab. Ember Lab has not yet shared any concrete plans about where it is going in the future, as of this writing.

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