Steam Community Concerned They Can’t Download Older Versions of Games

Steam Community Concerned They Can’t Download Older Versions of Games

Steam Community Concerned They Can’t Download Older Versions of Games

Valve’s Steam platform, which was released in 2003 has been the most downloaded software for PC gaming worldwide. The Steam update, which revamped the download page and improved storage management, seems to be keeping the Washington-based company’s most valuable asset in good shape. The community has raised concerns that older versions of games may no longer be available to download.
Pavel Djundik is the creator of SteamDB, which tracks Steam Summer Sales and keeps an eye on the software’s progress. He believes that there might be limitations to the ability to rollback games to older versions. Specifically, they refer to a new method in the Steam Client Beta release, which is known as “ContentServerDirectory.GetManifestRequestCode.” It’s a complicated topic to discuss, but Djundik summarizes it by saying that if Steam makes this a requirement for all games it will mean that no one can download older versions.

Although this may not seem like a major issue, games are frequently kept up-to-date with the latest versions. Having the latest version of a game means that it will run better on newer systems and have more compatibility with older hardware. Djundik points out that there may be some people in the Steam community who will lose out if this is enforced. Modders and speedrunners are two examples of people who may be affected by this change.

Because Steam users are asking for specific features to improve their quality of life, it is likely that many will be disappointed with the news. This is especially true for those who live in the communities above. These concerns were discussed in a Reddit thread. Although some people are dissatisfied with the development, one commenter stated that it is still in beta and that users should provide feedback to Valve.

Steam has also filed a patent to improve the quality of the platform’s user experience. This is an indication that the company is moving forward with what is its main source income. Although this latest announcement about not being able back to older versions might be just one way to move forward, it doesn’t seem like many people will be too happy.

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