Apex Legends Dev Explains Why an ‘Operation Health’ Season is Impossible

Apex Legends Dev Explains Why an 'Operation Health' Season is Impossible

Apex Legends Dev Explains Why an ‘Operation Health’ Season is Impossible

Many Apex Legends fans have been calling for Respawn Entertainment’s “Operation Health” season over the past week. This is a reinterpretation of what happened in Rainbow Six Siege. A season was dedicated to bug fixing and the like. The call came in the Apex Legends community alongside the Evolution event where players complained about major problems with servers and bugs.

Apex Legends took a few days to resolve these issues which led to the Ranked Split being extended. The current split did not end as planned. Instead, players were given a bit more time before Apex Games moved into Kings Canyon on September 28. These really made Apex Legends think that there should be an “Operation Health” season. However, it doesn’t look like it would work.

Ryan Rigney, Respawn Entertainment’s Director of Communications, recently answered one of these calls and explained that “game development simply doesn’t work that way.”

This raises the question of how it worked for Rainbow Six Siege. Rigney responds by saying that it was a great marketing stunt. Rigney also explains what happened with PUBG where a bug-fixing campaign, “Fix PUBG”, took place three years ago. Rigney was involved in the project, highlighting his knowledge and proving that these campaigns don’t work.

Players shouldn’t expect Respawn Entertainment, which is responsible for content creation, to stop leading bug fixing campaigns like in past games. Respawn Entertainment will continue to investigate the possibility of fixing any issues in the game. This is the same as the Titanfall games. Complex problems can take time to solve, and game development is no different.

Respawn is currently working on bug fixes and content, but it remains to be seen what kind of content will be released in the coming weeks.

Still, there are reports that new events will be happening in the current Apex Legends Season. One such event is based on Bloodhound. Season 11 leaks appear to have already begun. Many fans believe they have evidence that Apex Legends will add another tropical map to the next season. But, as with all things, we will just have wait and see.

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