Death Stranding Director’s Cut Has Terrifying PT Easter Egg

Death Stranding Director's Cut Has Terrifying PT Easter Egg

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Has Terrifying PT Easter Egg

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is Hideo Kojima’s debut post-Konami title, and it does so in style. Kojima Productions didn’t just release a Death Stranding version on PS5 with better graphics and performance. They also added new content for the fans to enjoy. While some of the new content was announced ahead of time, others were kept under wraps, such as a disturbing P.T. Fans have been finding Easter eggs.

P.T. stands for “Playable Teaser” and is a term that’s not well-known. P.T. stands for “Playable teaser,” and was actually a demo Kojima made for Silent Hills. Konami pulled Silent Hills and P.T. The PlayStation Store was removed. The demo is still very popular among horror fans. Many consider it one of the greatest horror games ever, despite its short duration.

P.T. P.T. With clever Easter eggs, Kojima Productions has kept P.T. Kojima also included a P.T. Metal Gear Solid 5 featured an Easter egg, and now there’s a new P.T. Death Stranding now has an Easter egg, thanks to the PS5 exclusive Director’s Cut.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Players have discovered a new dream sequence in which Sam Porter Bridges, the protagonist, notices a mysterious character in his shower. The perspective changes to a first-person viewpoint, similar to P.T. and the figure begins twitching violently after entering the shower. The figure’s face rushes towards the camera, causing some to believe that it is P.T. Lisa, the ghost of Lisa.

Although this isn’t the only disturbing Easter egg in Death Stranding it’s certainly one of the most disturbing. This Easter egg was not in the original Death Stranding version, making it even more disturbing. Even those who have played the original extensively may have been caught off guard by it.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut has just been released. It will be interesting to find out if there are any other Easter eggs that the game may have hidden for fans. Death Stranding is an extremely long experience so fans may need to take their time finding everything in the Director’s Cut. Kojima may share information about his rumored horror project project in the meantime. It’s been seven year since P.T. Fans are still waiting to see a Kojima horror movie in its entirety after the game was released.

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