Rockstar Seemingly Muting ‘GTA 6’ On Its YouTube Channel

Rockstar Seemingly Muting 'GTA 6' On Its YouTube Channel

Rockstar Seemingly Muting ‘GTA 6’ On Its YouTube Channel

Rockstar Games has been pushing Grand Theft Auto 5 since its inception eight years ago. While it’s amazing that the game has stayed in the limelight for so long, some of the fans have become dissatisfied with the game. They don’t want GTA 5 to be available for all of the next console generations, as they dislike-bombed the GTA 5 next-gen YouTube video.
Grand Theft Auto 6 is the next title fans want to play. They’ve been pestering Rockstar for years about this title. They’ve either posted anything GTA 6-related across various social media outlets, or indulged themselves in speculation and rumors surrounding the unconfirmed title. Rockstar might be tired of being reminded that GTA 5 does not equal GTA 6.

Fans can now not mention “GTA6”, as they have been banned from posting comments on Rockstar’s videos. According to the appearance of things, comments containing certain phrases about Grand Theft Auto 6 were blocked from appearing in any of the videos on the channel’s list. Anyone who wants to remind Rockstar about the need for GTA 6 must do so in a creative way.

Not_StrangeMan, a Grand Theft Auto fan on Twitter, discovered the new filter while trying to comment “GTA6”, which Rockstar had posted 15 years ago to YouTube. Not_StrangeMan compared the two filters side-by-side and found that the comment appeared on the video when it was viewed from the original account, but not when it was accessed from another one. However, the filter can only block certain versions of GTA 6. The filter blocks certain variations of GTA 6.

Rockstar’s decision to remove Grand Theft Auto 6 on its YouTube channel remains a mystery. The company did not block all titles from the channel nor any other variations across its social media platforms. People can still complain about the publisher via places like Twitter. Rockstar has done nothing but make people more eager to mention GTA 6 in all its posts. But maybe that’s the point.

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