Battlefield 2042 Beta Dates Leaked Online

Battlefield 2042 Beta Dates Leaked Online

Battlefield 2042 Beta Dates Leaked Online

Just recently, the potential dates for Battlefield 2042 multiplayer beta were leaked online via Bilibili as well as Twitter. Battlefield 2042 will be released later in 2021. However, fans are eager to experience the next installment of the FPS series.
Chinese website Bilibili indicated to its users that the beta dates are October 6th through 9th. As the leak was directly taken from the live stream page of the website, it appears that the source is credible. The site also listed a Battlefield 2042 category.

Twitter user Tom Henderson spotted the leak and provided details about the listing. Henderson suggested that even though October 9th was the last day on the leak, it does not mean that beta access will cease that day. Fans speculate that certain players will be granted beta access sooner than others. However, this is not stated in the leak. The leak did not reveal how Battlefield 2042’s Crossplay would work, or whether it will be available to beta players.

Although details about the beta are not clear, Henderson notes that Battlefield 2042’s official page on Bilibili contains information and so the information is valid. One fan translated the Chinese text from the leak and said that the open beta would begin on October 9th. This gives credence to the theory that some players will be granted access to closed beta access beginning on October 6th. The Twitter thread was also populated by other fans who discussed the game modes in Battlefield 2042’s beta.

Many fans are eager to play the beta version, regardless of when it is released. Battlefield 2042’s recent delays have not dampened player excitement. Fans are excited about the game’s future setting and large 128 player matches. The game’s strategy approach is also a big draw for players, with its unique destructible environments and unique perks for each class.

Battlefield 2042 will face competition, but many players believe that the game will be better than its competitors. Many players hope that the inevitable beta of Battlefield 2042 will confirm their feelings. There is no doubt that Battlefield 2042’s beta will be a huge success and that many players will flock to it in order to test it against the high standards of the Battlefield series. This leak suggests that players will soon have the chance to play the game.

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