Mass Effect Mod Turns Reapers Into Among Us Imposters

Mass Effect Mod Turns Reapers Into Among Us Imposters

Mass Effect Mod Turns Reapers Into Among Us Imposters

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was released recently. However, some Mass Effect Trilogy fans are still creating mods for one of the three games. One Mass Effect 3 fan created a mod that transforms the game’s main villains, the massive alien Reapers into the cute and iconic Imposters From Among Us.

Mentlegen’s Meme Emporium created the mod, which transforms all Sovereign class Reapers into imposters. It creates a surreal atmosphere. The Mass Effect 3 mod is available on Nexus under “Among Us Reapers.” However, the creator also created a six-minute video that showcases footage from the mod.

The video is quite loud at 10 seconds. It begins with Among Us memes and reactions being inserted into a Mass Effect 3 scene showing Reapers crashing one Shepard’s meetings. It is a strange mix of the serious Mass Effect characters and the bizarre tone of Among Us. Mass Effect cast considers even the appearance of a huge red Imposter from the sky a real threat, though fans may find it more funny than frightening. Mentlegen’s Meme Emporium seems to agree with the rest of this video.

The video’s rest appears to parody the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion by using the song “Komm, Susser Tod” which plays over scenes in which Shepard is fighting giant Imposters on foot. The giant Imposters are incredibly intimidating and tower over Shepard. However, they don’t appear to use any of the iconic kill animations from Among Us. They use lasers that are as powerful as the original Reapers. This mod does not appear to have affected any of the Mass Effect 3 decisions that were necessary for the best ending.

Mentlegen’s Meme Emporium’s devotion to the joke seems to be a surprise to both gamers. The video description is a long, boring copypasta about how Among Us is ruining writer’s lives. It also ends with Shepard apparently waking up in the famous opening of Skyrim. This new Mass Effect mod, although clearly a joke mod based upon Among Us memes has received quite a lot of praise in comments. One user stated that it reflects the destruction of the internet by Among Us memes.

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