New World bots flood fishing spots, so players bring boars to kill them

Amazon Games’ MMO New World, which attracted just over a million players in its initial weekend, has enjoyed a very successful first week. The vultures, the bloodsuckers who lie in wait for even the slightest sniff, are attracted to success. Bots are the bane of every MMO. They are designed to efficiently generate in-game currency and then sell it to players.
The New World has its pioneering bots. Their favourite activity is fishing, specifically catching rare fish (thanks to Icy Veins). The bots are uniquely equipped to fish because they know when a cast will land a common or rare fish. If it is the latter, they immediately pull their rod back.

These rod-yanking parties can be quite irritating and are common all over the country.

Some players don’t wait for Amazon Games to solve the problem. They are taking matters into their own hands with a little help from nature. One classic player tactic is to drag mobs of enemies into bots. This, since they are bots only interested in fishing, leads to the slow, unproven killing of the bot. This is a noble boar assigned to this task.

Reports have surfaced about bots in the New World subreddit engaging in mining activities, but their behaviour seems to be overwhelmingly focused on catching rare fish. If my WoW experiences are any indication, fishing can be a very lucrative activity. There is no doubt that dirty bot-masters are making a living from it. We will have to wait and watch what effect this has on New World’s in-game economy.

While I don’t believe Chris at PCG is a bot, he has been consuming crafting and fishing since New World was released. Here’s a review in progress (TL:DR: it’s complex) and an interview with Amazon Games’ head about the launch.

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