Skyrim Player Gifts Son A Daedric Knife and Instantly Regrets It

Skyrim Player Gifts Son A Daedric Knife and Instantly Regrets It

Skyrim Player Gifts Son A Daedric Knife and Instantly Regrets It

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim is primarily about quest completion and exploring the vast open world. However, players have the option to start a family. Skyrim players can buy a house, marry, and have a child together. Even though they can build a relationship and give gifts to their children, one Skyrim player might reconsider what they will gift their children in the future.

Skyrim player pw1gla gifted their son a Daedric Dagger Of Petrifying. This, as the name suggests, makes anyone who is unlucky enough to be stabbed with it immobilized. As a practice, their son began to swing the Daedric Dagger about and accidentally stabbed the player character. The incident was captured by pw1gla. It left them terrified and pinned to the ground.

Skyrim’s longevity can be attributed to its ability to produce hilarious and unexpected moments, like this one. Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is just around the corner. One can only imagine that returning and new players will flock to this re-release, and end up creating their own unexpected moments.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition will include new features that were not available in previous Skyrim versions. This opens up the possibility for new and hilarious situations. Bethesda did not provide a detailed overview of all the new Skyrim Anniversary Edition features but it confirmed that one new gameplay mechanic will be available for fans to check out when the game launches in November.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition will add fishing. This could be a new activity or a distraction for those who have played the older versions of the game. Skyrim: Anniversary Edition marks the official debut of Skyrim on next generation consoles. This should ensure that Bethesda’s classic open-world action-RPG is fully accessible to all.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is just over a month away, so it’s almost time to release the game. It’s up for debate whether there is enough content in Skyrim Anniversary Edition to justify another re-release. But it should provide something to keep fans entertained while they wait to find out more about Bethesda’s new games, Starfield, and the long-awaited Elder Scrolls 6.

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