Halo Infinite is Introducing a Dynamic Damage System for Vehicles

Halo Infinite is Introducing a Dynamic Damage System for Vehicles

Halo Infinite is Introducing a Dynamic Damage System for Vehicles

The Halo franchise is well-known for its mix of Covenant and human weapons such as the Energy Sword and SPNKr Rocket Launcher. Many fans also fondly remember the chaotic Big Team Battle mode, which featured many exciting vehicles. The multiplayer formula has been dominated by armored vehicles such as the UNSC Warthog and the Covenant Ghost throughout the Halo series. Halo Infinite, which is a sequel to the original franchise’s vehicular combat system, will continue this legacy and make some improvements to the system.

343 Industries recently hosted a multiplayer preview of Halo Infinite. The multiplayer preview was open to all players from September 24 through September 27. Gamers were able to see what they can expect when the game launches in December 8th. One fan noticed an unexpected upgrade for vehicles among the many new features.

Tard-lett, a Reddit user, discovered an interesting vehicle feature in Training Mode during the multiplayer preview. They found out that Halo Infinite had a “dynamic damage system” built in by the developers. Redditor showcasing the system in action, posted a video.

The video began with the player staring at a Ghost, and then a Warthog. After a short time, they started firing a VK78 Commando on the Ghost. The damage started to appear at the places where the player was shooting as the player began to load a clip of bullets towards the Covenant vehicle. The same procedure was repeated on the Warthog, with the same result. Video results showed that damage marks appeared at the exact location where the player had fired at the vehicle.

Reddit’s Halo community has embraced this discovery. Fans agreed that the new feature enhanced the realistic nature of combat with over 1,500 upvotes. Many users commented on how much they enjoyed the added detail to the game. Others noticed that the UNSC logo on Warthog was still visible despite all the damage. Some joked that it was made with “Instructripaint.”

A new leak revealed a variety of new vehicle designs that will be coming to the game, in addition to this dynamic damage system. This leak featured classic Covenant vehicles like the Wraith and Banshee as well as the UNSC Scorpion. A second multiplayer preview focusing on Big Team Battle will give players a better view of a few of these vehicles next week.

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