Horizon Forbidden West Outfits Will Have Skills Attached to Them

Horizon Forbidden West Outfits Will Have Skills Attached to Them

Horizon Forbidden West Outfits Will Have Skills Attached to Them

Although Horizon Forbidden West won’t arrive until 2022 (the anticipated PlayStation exclusive), Guerrilla Games plans to continue to provide details up until launch. This includes revealing expected content such as Horizon Forbidden West’s new setting, as well as unexpected changes and additions. Guerrilla claims that it will attach skills to Horizon Forbidden West’s outfits for Aloy. This could have an impact on the way Horizon Forbidden West plays.
Bo de Vries, Guerrilla Community Leader, explains the changes in a long post posted on the PlayStation Blog. He doesn’t give too much information. Horizon Forbidden West will allow players to choose different outfits for Aloy. This is similar to Horizon Zero Dawn. Guerrilla calls Horizon Forbidden West outfits “skills”. These skills will enhance Aloy’s capabilities in different ways.

De Vries further explains that Horizon Forbidden West players will be able “maximize” their skills by progress. This is done through a “new, improved Skill Tree,” but de Vries doesn’t want to go into detail at this time. Horizon Zero Dawn has a Skills Tree. It is divided into four sections: Brave, Traveler, Prowler and Brave. Skill points can be earned by leveling up through fighting enemies or completing quests/activities.

De Vries’ description leaves a lot to imagination. They confirm that Horizon Forbidden West will have a Skill Tree, just like the original game. Guerrilla isn’t quite clear on what outfits with attached skills can do to boost abilities. It could be that outfits have new abilities, or they could alter the Skill Tree to make them more powerful or provide different utility.

It doesn’t matter how outfit skills work. But it is a far more interesting system than what was described in Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon Zero Dawn outfits provided different resistances. These included separate melee and ranged attack defenses as well as protection against fire, shock, corruption, and fire. Outfits can also affect stealth. These stats could be added to Horizon Forbidden West’s outfits, although skills seem more complex.

This just shows that Guerrilla is reviewing many of Horizon Zero Dawn’s gameplay mechanics in order to develop its sequel. It will be interesting to see how Guerrilla works to make Horizon Forbidden West more engaging and involved.

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