New World’s success has Amazon CEO convinced games could be the company’s largest entertainment sector

Amazon’s colonial-flavoured MMO New World appears to have been a success for the tech giant. CEO Andy Jassy believes that games may outperform Amazon’s efforts with music, movies, and television.
Bloomberg reports that Jassy replaced Jeff Bezos, the company founder, as CEO earlier in the year and said that Amazon had finally found its footing in games due to New World. He also criticized Bloomberg’s reporting from earlier this year, claiming that Amazon doesn’t know what it takes to make a good video game.

“There were many articles, people saying that Amazon knows how to build all things but games. Why can’t they make games?” Jassy agreed. Jassy said, “It can take a few before I find a hit. Or several. But they didn’t lose heart.”

Amazon’s New World was a huge success, with over 900,000. Players concurrently playing the game over the weekend. However, it does come after a string of failures. Amazon’s first game, Crucible was sent back to beta shortly after launch. It was then canned. The results were not good for follow-up titles such as sports-MOBA hybrid Breakaway or a tie-in to Amazon’s Jeremy Clarkson vehicle The Grand Tour.

Long-term survival of New World is still uncertain. Our team is split on whether New World will be a compelling PVP sandbox and a brilliant fishing sim, or a boring chore with terrible jumps and boring houses. David Cole, DFC Intelligence analyst, said that it was too early to know if New World has the legs Amazon claims it has.

Cole believes that “It’s no disaster, you could argue.” It’s not what we consider to be a big game in the sense that, if it weren’t Amazon I don’t believe you would pay that much attention.

New World is now up to date with its first post-launch update. Update 1.0.1 arrived earlier this week and includes a raft bug fixes, modifications to the game’s AFK timingr, as well as a warning dialog box to warn you about leaving terminally long queues.

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