Rockstar finally puts Agent to rest

Although we all knew that it was unlikely, Rockstar has taken the final nail out of Agent’s coffin. The game was listed on Rockstar’s site from its announcement but now has disappeared like a troublesome contact. Agent, an open-world spy game that was first mentioned in 2007 and then made public in 2009 as a Playstation 3 exclusive. It was a very high-profile project with many questions. However, the news about the project ceased to be reported in the 2010s.
After the death of Agent, there were signs that the project was still alive. In 2019, a Polygon report revealed that Agent was the second iteration of a game called Agent which was being developed by Rockstar San Diego in the mid-2000s. What happened to that? “I don’t know how much it was us trying to convince them or Sam [Rockstar supremo] that he wanted to do Red Dead, but somehow the decision was made just to shelve Agent, take all the work we’d done, and start Red Dead Redemption,” a former member of the team says.

The agent was seen with San Diego on Red Dead Redemption 2005-2005. It was created as a tribute to James Bond and The Professionals. Rockstar North was then handed Agent over, with rumours circulating that Rockstar Leeds was also present at one stage.

According to another source, the Polygon article said that Rockstar North had some ideas and other stuff. The demo they did was amazing and blew everything else out of the water. We were blown away by the Rockstar North demo. They had a car that could transform into a submarine or some other thing.

Take-Two registered the trademark for Agent in 2016, keeping the fan spirit alive. The trademark is still visible on Rockstar’s website. It was then let go by the publisher in late 2018. This was the end of any hopes for Agent before today’s news.

Although there were many leaks of concept art over the years and in-game environments, one thing that unites all those who worked on the project is that everything was absorbed into Grand Theft Auto V.

Sam Houser, the game’s creator, stated that Agent was an action game that Sam and his family have enjoyed for years. The agent is a game that we’ve wanted to make for a while. It is a truly unique experience to be able to combine intense action, atmosphere, and story in an incredible period setting. This game is something we cannot wait to share with others.”

It was not to be. The agent was real and was being developed at one of the most respected studios. It’s a reminder of how difficult it is to develop these projects and that sometimes they just get subsumed into others.

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