Back 4 Blood is among October’s Xbox Game Pass for PC additions

Xbox Game Pass for PC looks just as attractive as its console counterpart, with several good games joining the service in October. Back 4 Blood is the highlight, although it has been confirmed. However, you can still jump in as soon as October 12th, rather than paying full price.
Visage will also join the service on October 7. This survival horror is heavily inspired by P.T and it’s terrifyingly scary, even if it seems a bit confusing at first. Totally Accurate battle Simulator, which joins the scene on October 5, is an excellent physics sandbox that caters to people who like their videogame battles completely inaccurate.

Here’s the complete list:

October 5: A Totally Accurate Battle Simulation
October 7: The Procession To Calvary, Visage
October 12: Back 4 Blood Destiny 2: Beyond Light
October 14th: Ring of Pain, The Riftbreaker
October 15: The Good Life

There are a few games that will be leaving the service, as usual: Gonner2, Heave Ho and Katana Zero; Scourgebringer; Tales of Vesperia HD; The Swords of Ditto.

Xbox Game Pass for PC costs $1, then $10 / PS8/ AU$10.95 per month until you cancel.

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