Possible Fortnite and Monopoly Crossover Leaked

Possible Fortnite and Monopoly Crossover Leaked

Possible Fortnite and Monopoly Crossover Leaked

Fortnite seems to have collaborated with almost every major franchise. The battle royale launched in 2017 and gamers have been able to buy skins and cosmetics from many franchises, including entertainment and sports. Epic Games is still looking for new partners as Epic Games enters the next season.

Fortnite is currently at Chapter 2 Season 8. Fans of Fortnite were treated to many new features during the Operation: Sky Fire live events, which was held earlier in September. Sideways, which is a dangerous place that harbors dangerous monsters, introduced new dangers to the game. However, it also gave players the chance to create new weapons from the remains of these creatures. The map’s appearance was also changed by the Mothership collision that took place after the live event. Epic Games continues to release cosmetics, even as wild events occur in the game.

A Fortnite dataminer named HYPEX recently discovered details about a possible collaboration between Monopoly and Fortnite. A group of possible back blings were revealed in an image shared by the dataminer. This collection is based upon the Monopoly tokens. You can find the complete list of back blings here: Scottie Dog (a rubber ducky), Hazel (a cat), T.Rex, Penguin Racecar Top Hot, Battleship, and T-Rex.

Epic Games has not confirmed this information. The image does not include a description for each item. It only indicates that the back blings can be found in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. This means that a release date for the item is not known, but it does give us an opportunity to reveal additional Monopoly-themed items in the near future. It will be interesting for the developers to decide if Rich Uncle Pennybags is to be skinned, as he appears on many Monopoly boxes.

Although it may seem odd for Fortnite to add Monopoly gear to the game this is not the first time the two franchises have partnered. Monopoly: Fortnite Edition was released by Hasbro in 2018. This popular board game featured a board that was inspired by the Fortnite Chapter 1 map.

Chapter 2 Season 8 has seen other collaborations. Fans can now play the Marvel character Eddie Brock in the Item Shop. The skin also included an emote which transformed Eddie into the symbiote Venom. It will be fascinating to see what the newest crossover between Monopoly and the game could bring to the battle royale, with so many cosmetics constantly being added to the game.

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