Super Mario Sunshine mod adds new worlds, story, and an enemy cut from the original

A group of modders has released the first major demo of Super Mario Eclipse. This demo is a fan remake of Super Mario Sunshine.
Level Select, the mod team, describes Eclipse as “part Beta Restoration, Part Enhancement, Part Original Mod and All Fan Service”, with new story content. The game will include new missions and fully customized worlds as well as secret challenge courses and an interconnected Isle Delfino Map. New characters such as Shadow Mario and Luigi are being added to the game, along with new mechanics such as super jumps or magic paintbrushes.

After spending a while looking at the demo, I realized that it is still in its early stages. However, many of the small touches that made Mario Sunshine such a beloved GameCube game are still present. It’s hard to beat floating in the air and sliding on your stomach via the F.L.U.D.D. Water hose

A very odd bit of Mario history was also visible in the Eclipse demo. Sunshine originally was to have a two-legged version, called a “Tramplin’ Stu”. Although it was removed from the final game’s code, the file can still be found in the game’s source code. After running for a while, I look around to see this monstrosity trotting towards me.

There is a hub in the demo that allows you to access several recreations of Sunshine’s levels such as Delfino Plaza or Ricco Harbor. A mountainous trail called Erto Rock gives you a bird’s-eye view of the entire island. You can even find a Monkey Ball-themed level with obstacles.

It’s no secret that Nintendo is known for being litigious about fan projects. Level Select seems to not be concerned about their work being wasted.

“Nintendo rarely strikes mods. “It’s fan games that they’re usually after,” Level Select YouTube commented below the trailer.

The demo can be downloaded via the Super Mario Eclipse Discord channel. This channel also contains instructions on downloading the GameCube emulator Dolphin, and how to get the demo working correctly.

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