World of Warships gets spooky in time for Halloween

Halloween is the holiday that both candy-hungry children, as well as ageing goths, love. Halloween is synonymous with chocolate and ghost tours. The World of Warships update brings with it spooky new modes of play, as well as some old favourites.
World of Warships’ October update features Twilight Hunt, a temporary battle mode that allows 16 players to team up with AI and live opponents in an attempt to destroy the Twilight Fleet. It is led by the legendary (and perhaps haunted?) battleship Rasputin. Operation Saving Transylvania, and Sunray in Darkness, are both back for Halloween. Fangblade and Thornridge are the three monster ships that captains can use to show their horror side. Expect to see a lot more tentacles.

In early access, the update adds several new German battleships to the game. New BBs are available in Tiers III through IX. They have super-accurate main guns and a variety of consumables that give captains an edge over their enemies. You can also earn Doublins through Personal Challenges to bid on the Tier X battleship Schlieffen.

Players can complete a series of personal challenges. With each victory, you advance to the next challenge. You earn coal and German Tokens, which allow you to unlock ships early access and nab various camouflage patterns or flags.

Is Rasputin as difficult to kill as the Russian priest? You will find out when the update launches on October 21st.

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