FIFA might not be FIFA next year, says EA

FIFA may be synonymous with football video games. However, EA is considering dropping the brand for its long-running kickabout while it reviews its licensing agreements with football leagues.
This news was announced in a post-release FIFA 22 blog entry. The post, which ostensibly boasts about 9.1 million players and other milestones in FIFA 22, abruptly switches into an exploration of the future of the footy franchise. It starts with a rethinking of its identity.

Cam Weber, general manager of EA Sports Group writes that “As we look forward, we’re also exploring renaming our EA SPORTS global football games.” “This means that we are reviewing our FIFA naming rights agreement, which is separate from all other official partnerships and licenses in the football world.

This post explains why this rebranding may be long overdue. FIFA is the most prominent partnership. However, it also has licenses and partners with many other leagues and organizations. The publisher also wants to promote grassroots football and reflect women’s soccer in the series.

Past EA executives like Peter Moore raised the possibility that EA may have done more to improve FIFA’s image through the success of this series than FIFA itself. FIFA has, from this perspective, done exceptionally well with its agreement with EA to the point that some question whether FIFA should pay EA to use the name.

As agreements to represent the players and clubs within FIFA, the FIFA license is likely to remain. EA could find it difficult to represent all aspects of footy if they choose to use the name of one association.

A rethinking of identity will hopefully be met with a rethinking of the series’ PC strategy. FIFA 22 was disappointed to learn that we would essentially be receiving the last-gen console version. EA didn’t want to exclude players with older hardware.

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