After 8 years, Rust is getting a mission system

The October update to Rust, the open-world survival sandbox Rust has some structure. The new patch will go live on Thursday. Players will be able to visit NPCs to accept missions and complete them. They can then turn them in for rewards.
Facepunch Studios says that mission providers can be found in most safe zones. Their tasks range from fishing or harvesting lumber to hunting fish and finding hidden treasure. You can only have one mission at any given time, and they are repeatable.

Typically, rewards will come in the form of treasure boxes and scrap metal. Facepunch states that this is only the beginning of missions. The system will expand in the future. This month’s missions will be solo, but co-op missions and PvP missions such as delivery, ambush and bounty-hunting are being developed.

Rust’s latest vehicle, the camper van, is available for you to drive and take a break when you aren’t on missions. It can accommodate four people, has storage space, and can even be used as a barbecue. It looks very cosy, as you can see from the photo gallery.

The best part is that the camper can be used as a spawn point for players who claim a seat within it. This means that you can spawn in that same seat regardless of where it has been driven. You will need a Tier 2 workbench, 175 metal fragments and 125 wood to make the camper module.

The update also includes other changes: You’ll need to hold the interact key while you are wounded to open doors, your auto-turrets will not shoot at you, your horses will poop more, and you’ll need to keep the interact key down to close them. This last change is worth more investigation. Also, Halloween is not far away so be prepared for some “spooky events” to arrive in Rust around October 28.

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