Fall Guys Gets Super Monkey Ball AiAi Costume

Fall Guys Gets Super Monkey Ball AiAi Costume

Fall Guys Gets Super Monkey Ball AiAi Costume

Fall Guys has provided platforming and blood-pumping mayhem to millions of gamers since 2020. The Fall Guys are a mascot that has become a cult favorite in gaming. Their bean-like appearance, large appendages and cute eyes make them ideal for silly crossovers. Fall Guys recently collaborated with Kena Bridge of Spirts and brought both Rot- and Kena skins to this game. Guinness has ranked Fall Guys as the most downloaded PS Plus title.

Fall Guys has announced via Twitter that Super Monkey Ball’s AiAi is now available for the game. AiAi, the main character in the Super Monkey Ball franchise is a monkey wearing an orange T-shirt with an “A” on the front. The animation shows the Fall Guy wearing the AiAi skin and proudly raising his fist. In the background, the purple Fall Guy is preparing to be flattened. AiAi’s face, like other Fall Guys costumes is cut out in a circle with the Fall Guy’s eyes looking through.

It appears that the tease of one Fall Guy in the Super Monkey Ball Ball ball is just that: a tease. The only crossover Fall Guys has with Super Monkey Ball at the moment is the AiAi outfit, and not any other gameplay-related addition. Fall Guys received some responses from fans, who noted what they consider a missed opportunity for expanding the gameplay, even if it was only for a short time. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania features many guest characters from different franchises. A Fall Guy might still end up in a monkeyball.

Even though Fall Guys may seem innocent and cute, there is still something unsettling about their appearance, especially when they wear certain skins. Mediatonic has previously addressed fan theories, such as acknowledging the fact that Fall Guys are large. Fall Guys can be very off-putting in cases where skins are made of real characters like AiAi.

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