Stranded Deep is Getting Online Co-op Via a Free Update

Stranded Deep is Getting Online Co-op Via a Free Update

Stranded Deep is Getting Online Co-op Via a Free Update

Stranded Deep launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 last year. It was first released on PC, but it also launched on Xbox One and Xbox One. The popular survival game allows players to play together in split-screen coop. However, the most requested feature by the community was the addition of online multiplayer.
Today, developer Beam Team confirmed that Stranded Deep will be adding the feature. This means that online co-op will officially debut in an update. The update will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Epic Games. Players don’t have to wait long to begin their multiplayer survival adventure.

Beam Team released a new trailer and posted a blog post on the PlayStation Blog to celebrate the launch. Sam Edwards, the studio’s founder, wrote the second part. He addresses the desire of the community to play online and showcases new images. Edwards concludes the statement by thanking the fans and noting that the community has grown beyond what was expected when Stranded Deep began.

The trailer gives us a better look at the mode as it plays. Two survivors arrive on the main island to try and survive. The footage includes them creating shelters, gathering resources, fighting huge sea creatures and even riding helicopters. The footage ends with a short glimpse of the couple escaping together. This confirms that players can complete the entire game without a partner. Online multiplayer will bring many fans back to the game and fulfill their long-held wish.

The premise of Stranded Deep is very simple for those who are playing it for the first time. Players are left stranded on an island with few resources after a terrible plane crash. Players will need to use their imaginations and create tools to find a way to escape, while also surviving attacks by deadly animals and other dangers. Stranded Deep was featured in several giveaways over the past months. It’s available as a monthly PlayStation Plus title, and as a free Epic Games Store game. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a co-op experience they can share with friends.

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