The Last of Us 2 Fan Shows Off Adorable Joel And Ellie Dolls

The Last of Us 2 Fan Shows Off Adorable Joel And Ellie Dolls

The Last of Us 2 Fan Shows Off Adorable Joel And Ellie Dolls

The Last of Us Day is a celebration of the creativity and support of fans of the series. One The Last of Us 2 fan shared photos of their custom-made Joel or Ellie dolls.

Redditor, soaringbeauty, appears to have taken the photos outside near a building or driveway. This is similar to The Last of Us’ overgrown and abandoned cities. According to reports, the dolls are made from felt. Gamers may notice a striking resemblance in their bright but realistic colors to the game’s graphics.

One of the three photos soaringbeauty shared only Joel, the rest focusing on Ellie. The first photo shows Joel and Ellie side-by-side, Joel holding a felt instrument and Ellie carrying a backpack containing tiny replica arrows. Joel wore a fake facial hair and Ellie a backpack filled with tiny replica arrows. Their in-game outfits were meticulously reproduced. This piece of custom The Last of Us 2 merchandise shows both of these hard-bitten characters smiling.

The second photo shows the Ellie doll’s right arm and her meticulously stitched tattoo. The tattoo’s distinctive leafy shape can still be recognized despite the fact that the arm is small. Although this isn’t the first time that a The Last of Us 2 fan has sewed Ellie a tattoo, it’s certainly one of the most adorable. The second photo also shows a small brown wristband that wraps around Ellie’s wrist. It may be removable.

The third photo shows Ellie’s back and focuses on her backpack. The backpack features a patch, a keychain that hangs from the neck, and at least three arrows.
The photos seem to have been well-received from other fans who celebrated The Last of Us Day. Redditor soaringbeauty asked who made the dolls. She was thrilled to discover that the dolls were hand-made by her aunt. Many other Reddit users quickly remarked that the aunt of soaringbeauty had done an incredible job. One user stated that the dolls should be in a museum. Others complimented their cuteness. One user spoke highly of Ellie’s smile. This may be surprising considering how much Ellie smiles throughout The Last of Us 2. Maybe doll Ellie is happier that doll Joel is still there with her.

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