Guerrilla Games Details How Aloy Has Evolved in Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla Games Details How Aloy Has Evolved in Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla Games Details How Aloy Has Evolved in Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy has been a hot commodity since her 2017 introduction in Horizon: Zero Dawn. There have been many crossover events featuring Nora brave, including hunting monsters in Capcom’s Monster Hunter World and dropping in to Fortnite to build structures. Aloy, a special guest character in Genshin Impact, was recently featured with access to a bow, and cryo abilities. Guerrilla gives fans an update as Aloy nears her return in Horizon: Forbidden West.

A new PlayStation Blog post features Guerrilla Community Lead Bo de Vries, and Narrative Director Ben McCaw discussing Aloy’s journey to Horizon: Zero Dawn. They also discuss her development and story perspectives. Aloy was assigned multiple teams to balance the familiar elements while still pushing the character forward. Guerrilla concentrated on technical aspects such as rigging, audio and lighting to bring Aloy to life on next-gen.

Aloy’s looks have changed over time, in addition to her moves and abilities. Aloy, who now has access to more powerful PS5 specs, has had some visual enhancements, including adding more polygons and polygons to her character model. Guerrilla was also able to make more of every character in the game thanks to more technical features like smoother contouring and the ability to add peach fuzz.

Although the first Horizon game was criticized for its animations of faces and expressions, Guerrilla has confirmed to me that the PS5 hardware allowed them to increase the number skeletal joints in each character model. This allows for more realistic facial expressions and deformations which makes them more convincing and immersive.

Guerrilla also noted that Horizon: Forbidden West’s PlayStation 4 version has been extensively tested. Although it might not have the same visual impact as the PS5 version, the team was still able find some resources that could help propel the character assets forward from the original game.

Aloy’s new visual design was not always popular with players. It also came under fire from some who didn’t like the subtler changes. Part of the problem was that the screenshots used to compare the next-generation machine’s screen shots with the last-gen one were not the same. Next-generation machines have more polygons and better technology.

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