Twitch in crisis as it blames server error for massive data breach

The Twitch hack has been discovered, it is massive, and security professionals are shocked at its scale: “This is as bad as it can possibly be.” The hackers claim that the leak is only “part one” and contains the source code of the site, unannounced projects, such as a Steam competitor, as well the earnings from streamers.
Yesterday’s holding statement by Twitch was largely a partial explanation. It has since expanded on what it believes to have happened. According to the Twitch blog

“We discovered that some data was exposed via a Twitch server configuration error that was later accessed by a malicious party. The incident is being investigated by our teams as soon as possible.

“As the investigation continues, we are still trying to understand the full impact. While we are still investigating, we understand that the situation raises questions. We want to address those concerns while we continue our investigation.

Twitch puts this down to human error: Someone set up the servers of the company incorrectly and hackers were able to access them. It is not clear if this is human error, or something more sinister.

This statement also shows that Twitch is still trying to figure out how terrible this is.

Twitch doesn’t mention when the breach occurred, but the data in the leak dates back at least three years. Twitch clarified that login data is safe and that Twitch does not store credit card numbers. This means that credit card numbers have not been exposed. It remains to be determined whether the former can be taken at face value.

Twitch finally reset stream keys “out of an abundance of caution.” Streamers can find their new key here.

Twitch will be in crisis mode behind the scenes because even though it may have figured out what happened it doesn’t change the fact that it happened and what it means for the future. Amazon-backed companies cannot control many of the repercussions that could result.

Candid Wuest, a representative of cyber-security firm Acronis, stated that Twitch is facing more damage. Twitch is already being affected by the breach on all fronts. This leak could expose nearly all of Twitch’s digital footprint, making it one of the worst data breaches in recent history. The influencers will not be happy if payout reports are released for streaming clients.

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