Unique Overwatch Art Shows Tracer Being Attacked By Pachimari

Unique Overwatch Art Shows Tracer Being Attacked By Pachimari

Unique Overwatch Art Shows Tracer Being Attacked By Pachimari

The designers created Hanamura in Overwatch by needing a toy for the UFO-catcher claw game in the arcade map. Pachimari was born from that toy, an adorable onion-like creature who has been a mascot for the hero shoter. Although they have been featured in a lot of Overwatch fan art they are mostly depicted just as cute little creatures. One fan artist took a different approach recently and showed what Pachimari would look like if things went wrong.

Reddit user u/Kahze posted a piece of fanart that depicts Tracer being overpowered by Pachimari. Because the character is reliant on speed and agility, it seems that being tripped by tentacles is an effective way to stop her. However, she still has the option of recall and a pulse bomb so there is still a chance. The most disturbing aspect of the artwork is the way the Pachimari smile endlessly while aggressively attacking.

Overwatch hosted a Pachimari Challenge event in March that offered various rewards with the mascot. The game offered players the opportunity to dress up as several characters in the game with sprays of Pachimario. Junkrat got a new hilarious emote, but the prize that is most sought-after was PachiMari Roadhog skin.

While smaller events such as the Pachimari event are popping up occasionally within the game’s world, larger updates and events have noticedably slowed down. It is clear that Blizzard is preparing for the sequel by storing a lot of the important stuff. However, the developer has been slowly revealing details about what these updates will be. Blizzard recently revealed the Overwatch 2 rework to Sombra, which dramatically improves her ability of doing damage.

The sequel will not only update Sombra, but also other characters. Players knew that the game was changing from 6v6 to 5v5 and losing a slot for tanks, so they had to make some changes. Blizzard showed changes to Bastion, another damage-hero that needed an update, along with Sombra.

Players want new events, and not just character changes. Seasonal events like Halloween Terror and Summer Games are great. These events are great, but there is more to do to make the game feel fresh. A good starting point could be an event that plays off the heroes vs. villains trope. An Overwatch vs Talon Overwatch 2 event could be a huge success. However, a new Pachimario event may prove just as popular.

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